About Us

River Valley Builders’ Collective is a worker-owned co-op in Kalamazoo, MI. We specialize in residential construction, renovations, and home repairs. We provide high-quality and lasting home repairs and renovations to homeowners and local nonprofits. Our mission is to provide residential construction and repair services to the Kalamazoo community and promote safe work environments while aligning ourselves with the seven principles of cooperation.

Annalisa Bradshaw

Annalisa is an artist and joins RVBC as carpentry assistant and landscaper. Her interests include sustainability, permaculture, graphic novels and science fiction. She is excited to be co-creating with a team driven by worker empowerment, quality, and people underrepresented in building trades.

Andrew Alm

Andrew is a carpenter and licensed builder who has a passion for home repair and working and living in cooperative communities. In his free time he enjoys making music, electronics, and hiking.

KayLee Davis

KayLee is a librarian who assists RVBC in administration and secretarial tasks. They are a fan of co-ops, hot chocolate, books, and making lists.

Ronald Streeter

Ronald is an aspiring builder with experience in construction and landscaping. He enjoys board games, green tea, meeting new people, and discussing new ideas.

Alan Streeter

Alan is a rookie carpenter eager to learn and improve his skills. Outside work he likes reading, running, playing board games, and being around people he loves.

Grant Grames

Grant is the newest member to join RVBC. He has experience in project coordination and is eager learn more about construction while helping
the community. He enjoys languages, philosophy, and caffeine.