With Cooperation

At River Valley Builders’ Collective, we are proud to be a worker-owned cooperative. We believe our best work comes from working with cooperation–we listen to each other, build healthy relationships and make decisions together.

We bring our cooperative values to your project and invite you to join us in our process from start to finish. Welcome to our cooperative!


In many cooperatively run organizations, a meeting will begin with a “Check-In”.

The process at begins by scheduling a visit to your home where we can get to know each other and discuss your project.

Before scheduling a site visit we will need some information about you, your home and your project. This can be done by using our online form, emailing us at contact@rvbc.coop, or calling us at 269-391-7000.

Site Visit

During a site visit you can expect meet your with a Project Planner, who will working with you. A site visit is opportunity for us to learn about each other and discuss your project needs and goals. This is a great time to ask us any questions you may have and suggest writing down questions you may have if that helps you remember! If you have additional questions after our site visit, contact your Project Planner and they will be able to answer them for you.

Oftentimes, another member of River Valley will also be present to assist with taking accurate measurements, pictures, and keeping notes. During our visit we may need access to different areas of your home including: basements, attics, crawlspaces, and exteriors. If possible move items that may be in the way of accessing these areas of the home.


After we have had an opportunity to visit your home and discuss your project, we will begin our project planning process and create a Proposal for your project. For repairs and small projects we offer free estimates. For larger projects, such as major renovations, we offer cost planning service, which provides detailed project material and labor estimates, for a fee of $200.

Every project at River Valley is reviewed and approved by our entire staff before we present your Project Planner presents it to you. We use this process to ensure your project plan fits our knowledge, skills, resources, and capacity of our collective. When you receive a project proposal from River Valley, you can be assured everyone working on-site understands and is committed doing quality job in a safe working environment.

Expect to wait around a week to hear back from us. Larger scale projects may take additional planning time. For emergency repairs, we may be able to expedite our planning process to fit a urgent timeline.

Feel free to reach out to your Project Planner during this time if you have any questions!

Deposits and Payments

Before we begin, we may ask for a deposit which covers materials, permits and other pre-construction expenses. The deposit amount will be included on the proposal you received from us.


It is now time to begin your project with us! Your Project Coordinator will be in contact with you to get your project scheduled. We may not be able to start on your project right away and may have to purchase materials that take time to be delivered. While this may take some time, your Project Coordinator will keep you up to date on the status of your project in this phase and are always available to answer your questions.


Before beginning a project, items may need to be removed from the area. We recomm



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